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F-86F-30-NA - Frank Miller

Submitted March 7, 2018
The Subject:

The Pilot:
Captain Jay Ashmore, Paris Texas
The Story:
My cousin, (Buzz), in Texas has befriended a Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jay Ashmore.

Buzz came up with an idea to present the colonel with a replica of the plane he flew in Korea (1953).

As a side note, Captain Ashmore also flew PBY's in the closing stages of WWII.Buzz got together with the family and found  a picture of his original mount.With the picture in hand I started building the Hobby Craft, kit number HC1361, F-86F-25/30. This is a hard wing F-86.

I designed the decals for the nose art. Captain Jay was called: THE FLYING ALLIGATOR. I have not found out why, yet. That will be one of my pressing questions when I speak with him.

I drew the decals on paint by putting the black and white photo in paint and working the outline. I asked about the original colors. The alligator was a dark green, with a light green belly and yellow feet.

The circle was yellow, as yellow was the squadron color. All lettering was in black.